eStreetSmart services include:

  • Custom application development
  • Website development and deployment
  • Software and systems integration
  • Training, mentoring, and consulting

Custom Application Development

Is your productivity lagging? Are you wasting time on tasks that could be automated? Is there something you wish your computer would do, but you just can’t find the right software? Are you trying to get over an ever-growing mountain of information? Do you have a unique problem that off-the-shelf products just don’t handle? We can help. eStreetSmart will listen to you, analyze your needs and business processes, and provide solutions custom-made for your unique situation.

Website Development and Deployment

There is no question that the Internet has had a profound, even revolutionary effect on virtually every area of life: business, politics, news, entertainment, faith, health – you name it. The Internet is pervasive, growing every minute, and here to stay. More and more people are abandoning traditional ways of doing business and turning to the internet. Even businesses that require a local, physical presence (say, for example, an automotive repair shop) ignore the Internet to their own detriment, as they miss potential clients who go to the Internet – and not the phonebook – to find what they need. Nearly any business that wants to grow in today’s economy needs a presence on the Web.

Is your business out on the Web? Can potential clients find your website easily? And if someone finds your site, does the site help or hurt your business? Does it look professional? Does it provide appropriate and adequate information? Does it work? Whatever you need in a website, whether simple or complex, static or dynamic, eStreetSmart can provide appropriate solutions. eStreetSmart can provide whatever assistance you need, from a facelift to complete website design, deployment, hosting, and ongoing management.