About Us

eStreetSmart, LLC, began with a vision: providing career-track employment opportunities for people on the street. People who are smart, capable, and talented, but who have gotten stuck outside the system. We at eStreetSmart, LLC, recognize that what many people in poverty lack is not ability, but opportunity. And what they need is not pity or another hand-out, but hope, responsibility, and dignity.

We also recognize that software development productivity is not what it should be. Our competitors waste vast amounts of time and money on tasks and "deliverables" that frequently serve no meaningful purpose. We are not talking about fraud or abuse. Nor are we talking about the stereotypical techie playing foosball or surfing the net all day. Rather, software productivity suffers primarily from management failures like inefficient processes, insufficient or inappropriate automation, shortsightedness, and the like.

Do we have a silver bullet? Of course not. (And if anyone else claims that they do, run!) But we do have enough experience to know that we can build superior software solutions for our clients at a lower cost than our competitors – and touch the lives of men and women in need in the process.